Hero's Journey


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Company: IF Studios
Official Website:  
Status: Pre-Alpha (on hold)
Genre/Setting: MMORPG
Distribution: Download
Release Date: TBA
Retail Price:  TBA
Pay Type:  TBA
Monthly Fee:  TBA
Micro Transactions:  Yes
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About Hero's Journey:

 About The Game: Features

Hero's Journey is a fantasy MMORPG originaly developed by Simutronics and stopped devleopment in 2008. 

 The game elements focus on fun, action-packed, adventure-style roleplay. With less waiting and more playing, Hero's Journey provides an innovative mix of familiar game play elements and some fresh new ones.

A special emphasis is placed on Character creation tools that provide an extensive amount of flexibility, both in terms of character appearance as well as character abilities. This attention to detail is also reflected in beautiful environments, and compelling, dynamic mini-quests.

  • 3d open world based on 15 years of history from the Hero's Journey MUD
  • 9 specialized classes
  • 4 unique and customizable races
  • Unique interactive and dynamic quest system
  • MMO Social and Game-play aspects
  • Sandbox-driven game-play with rich storyline
  • Unique Wyr System to customize your characters abilities and skills
  • Unique 2 tiered guild/clan system (House and Clans)
  • Persistent Seamless World

There is currently no official release date, and development is on hiatus prior to the acquisition mid-2008 The acquisition of HeroEngine included Hero's Jounrey in 2009.