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HeroCloud Platform Now Includes The Cost of Five Key Technologies

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    We are very excited to announce some great news for HeroCloud developers. We have purchased the following licenses for all HeroCloud developers. This means you no longer need to secure your own licensing for any products in the Cloud.

    Five powerful industry-standard technologies are now bundled together with HeroCloud, its proprietary platform for building and distributing online games.


SpeedTree - all relevant downloads (CAD and Library) are in your downloads tab on the account page. (currently the Cloud supports v 4.2). Tree modeling system that generates virtual foliage

DPVS Umbra - is now doing line of sight occlusion work for you, saving your game resources and man power. You can toggle it off via the renderer panel to see the amazing difference it makes. Frame rate and performance optimization technology for graphics occlusion

FMOD - You can now create sounds in FMOD Designer and use them in your game. Check out this post to get started. Programming library and toolkit for the creation and playback of interactive audio

FaceGen - It’s all wired up to the cloud and ready to go. Morph targets, scaling, tinting, oh my. Dive in anywhere in the wiki relating to characters and you’ll find mention of what Facegen is doing and can do. Allows game makers to create human faces based on statistical models

RAD Game Tools - is the art and animation pipeline, and is already doing everything you need it to do.

We are serious about our mission to remove all barriers to creative development for devs, and this latest announcement is a testament to this!  SSystem for importing and utilizing 3D models and animations


    HeroCloud is a service that includes HeroEngine, the world’s only collaborative online game design platform and the most complete system for building multiplayer online games, that provides embedded server hosting and bandwidth, and access to global billing systems and social networks.  The HeroCloud license has no-up front cost and developers keep 70% of revenue.  Launched in 2011, more than 1,000 game developers are now using the HeroEngine in the HeroCloud Early Access program, with thousands more waiting to receive full-release access.

    “HeroCloud was already an incredible value, and now we’re providing extra technologies that normally costs tens of thousands of dollars,” said Neil Harris, COO, HeroCloud.  “Our goal has always been to help game developers find ways to make better looking, better sounding, better playing games, and with the addition of these critical technologies, we continue to advance our mission – to remove the barriers that stand in the way of creative game development.”

    Idea Fabrik is essentially becoming an investor and publishing partner for online game developers by taking on the significant up-front costs associated with technology, distribution, and billing. HeroEngine has always supported technology from RAD Game Tools, Speed Tree, FaceGen and Umbra but until now, developers who were interested in shipping their games with the HeroEngine needed their own technology licenses.  Based in part from feedback from Early Access developers, Idea Fabrik expanded the HeroCloud service to allow independent and talented development groups to make use of these crucial tools without the burden of a large upfront investment.

    Mitch Soule of RAD Game Tools said, “Our mission at RAD Games is to perfect the next generation of game development tools based on our full circle of development, where programming and technical support co-exist, and ensure that our products continually get better.” He added, “We’re incredibly pleased that our technology is one of the building blocks of HeroCloud.”

“Umbra creates tools that cut down on computer processing time by optimizing critical parts of a game, such as rendering and content streaming, to allow developers to focus on the more relevant parts of game development,” said Farhad Taherazer of Umbra Software.  “We know that many of the indie and smaller game developers don’t have the initial funds to license our technology, so we’re very excited that HeroCloud is including our middleware for free to that market segment.”