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    Burning Dog Media scored an exclusive interview with Massively for their upcoming MMO Origins of Malu, currently being developed on the HeroCloud platform. The interview is chock full of the sandbox features we can expect from the game including housing, customization, FFA PvP, the economy, and crafting.

originsconcept 300x165    We love what Massively had to say about why we should be paying attention to this game: “The quick answer is the passion that these guys have for their game. It isn’t just some sterile business decision; it’s what they really want to play.”


    Similarly, when Guthrie asked Michael (lead developer) and Dave (art director) what their ultimate goal was for Origins, they replied: “”To create a game with soul. And as Michael put it further into the interview, Burning Dog wants a game “that’s personal, that means something to [the player]. We want to tell a really great story and let the user develop with it.” Guthrie adds, “They want players to really be invested in the world, not just absently grinding through it.”


originsofmalu screenshot 689x321    From conversations we’ve had with the team, we agree with Guthrie that the passion these guys exhibit is contagious.  We also thought the recent contest they ran asking for creature submissions, the winner of which will be incorporated into the game, was a great way to get the outside world involved and excited for the upcoming title.

For more details on the game, including more screenshots and concept art, check out the Massively interviewthe game’s website, and stay up to date on all things Origins of Malu via their twitter and facebook.