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 Prime: Battle for Dominus Marching On


pbdom concept art    If you haven’t checked out the progress on Prime BFD in a while, they’ve made some pretty amazing strides forward in the past couple of months.  There’s a recent video of PvP combat (see it below as well) and a lot of videos of some great looking areas from a few months back.

    Prime: Battle for Dominus is being developed on the HeroEngine by Pitchblack Games and we are excited to keep track of their continued progress.  Pitchblack has done a great job giving us frequent in-depth views of their progress through their live chats (#12 happened about a week ago).

Prime’s release is aimed for the second quarter of 2012 according to a recent Kotaku article. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter or at for the latest updates.


**UPDATE: Shortly after posting this, Pitchblack Games announced their first official trailer!**

Prime BFD In-Game Beta Footage


Prime BFD Live Chat #12

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