HeroEngine news

happy new 2017    At IdeaFabrik 2016 was a year to focus on updates and on being current with new technology. Though we had a rocky start, we made a lot of progress during the year.  We started with a company-wide restructuring and began a massive amount of optimizations on all ends of development.  We updated our servers and software, including all of our back-end systems which are now up to date. We will continue regular updates in 2017.

    With regards to d3d11, we had a significant amount of progress and we are eager to get the new test server built so we can open that up to our clients this year.  More graphics update announcements are to be expected this year since most of the heavy work has been completed. We have some exciting plans, and cannot wait to share them with you as these projects get far enough along.  We will continue to display our roadmap so make sure you keep an eye out for those new things in green!

    One of our clients has successfully completed development milestones and is now ready for their new live servers to be built, earlier than expected.  Lots of our engineering efforts have gone into building those new servers.  The d3d11 test servers will be put together once we make sure our clients have had a successful soft launch of their game.

     2017 is shaping up to become a year of new MMO games launches on our HeroCloud platform. We are looking forward to bringing many more developers on to our platform and helping live games to deliver great MMO experiences to their players.