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HeroEngine Game News

the repopulationBeginning tomorrow, Sunday, 27 March, 2017 at 6PM EDT (11pm GMT) Steam sales for The Repopulation will be available!
Currently only the silver package $19.99 is able to be purchased. IF Studios Repop dev team will be adjusting this in the future so players may bump up their packages or purchase a higher tier from the start. Stand alone client purchases through Hero Engine will be available at a later date, while the transition and new updates are being finished on HeroEngine Games website.

Currently in early Alpha, the game came back online two weeks ago on 13 March for all current players and backers of the game. This is the same game it was when it was shut down back in December of 2015. The first news letter from the new team went out to all registered users at However, the new development team has been working on all aspects to help improve the player experience both in game and on the web while we wait.

Be sure to check out the updates on the forums and stay tuned for more updates over the next several months.