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Update 10.1 is Live!!

TheRepopulation just released the 10.1 update. The initial announcement was made HERE on the 8th of November. Servers went down for 12 hours, a few hours longer than expected, but along with that came some new updates to the Database to help improve some of the performance.


Included in the updates are all of the hard work that ABT did back in 2015 as well as some hot fixes applied to the live and Staging server. The hotfixes included some grammar adjustments, spelling adjustments and a few tweaks to help improve a few areas that was giving players on Live  and on Staging some issues; this includes some quest adjustments and GUI adjustments.

You can find their patch notes here:


If you do not have TheRepopulation, you can currently get the game on Steam.


The developers and support team do want to remind all returning players that if you are having difficulty logging in, please feel free to contact the support team at their forums or through a support ticket here: HELP DESK SUPPORT. There is no need to recreate a new account nor make any purchase. Any other questions please feel free to post on their FORUMS.