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repopj logo01The Repopulation released a five part series of updates durring May and June. These updates cover different aspects of development from their new starter island they will be working late this year through to art optimizations. Here are some small snippets from each:



2018 05 29 repop post 000bMay update Part 1: Details, Starter Island

Happy Tuesday everyone and Happy Memorial Day. I hope all have had a fun and safe weekend. This post has become a rather long book, so we will be posting in parts. I wanted to make sure that we covered everything from the current issues and delays to what is being done behind the scenes and why.

We want to let you know that this is going to be a long post that will be released in five (5) parts. Here is Part 1 and Part 2.

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2018 05 29 repop post 009May update Part 3: Harvesting System

After going through the system and listening to the players, we have worked up a new harvesting system that will be developed after the Inventory system. This is going to take a lot of work and will eventually replace the current system.

Each player has its own play style and preferences, so we are working to keep the basics the same for you. We will still have both the harvesting nodes and the Harvesters. We will also be revamping the Survey abilities slightly with a few tweaks and functionality...

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2018 05 2018 06 06yinan lu UI 01May update Part 4: The UI

Several systems currently are quite heavy or taxing on both the server and the client. However, one that seems to be getting my attention more and more is the UI for Repop. Though this is something we had planned for the future, it looks like we will be doing some of the early revamps sooner than later.

To start, the general look will go back to the very basics. Though a stylized UI is always nice for a game to differentiate itself from other games, having a clean working UI that has the core functionality and does not replicate across the entire server is also important. So we will be changing things up in the near future, starting with a basic appearance....

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Plymouth Control RevampMay update Part 5: Art Optimizations

Welcome to the last part of the May (and now June) updates. Do not worry, we will have another update coming out end of the month to keep you all apprised of the work we have done this month, what to expect and a few other sneak peeks....

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