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repopj logo01The Repopulaion has released its first official Game Update under the IFS developmement team. They have gone through several iterations of tests, each one bringing us closer to being able to push a Normal Update for The Repopulation. They have now announced and pushed the update to the live game servers and is available for download/update.


From the Repop development team:

2018 12 16 Repop xmas01

Happy Holidays everyone!

We are very excited to give you this months update, as it also includes a patch date for the game update. We have gone through several iterations of tests, each one bringing us closer to being able to push a Normal Update for The Repopulation. We are finally there! The past weeks’ tests were excellent, and we are comfortable to give you this long awaited game update!


Live Game Update:


    On Tuesday, 18 December 2018, we will be bringing servers down at 09:00 EST am for the 00.01.12 Update. Servers will be down for about 12 hours.


If you are wondering why our first official full update is 00.01.12 it is because we have moved ahead of just the initial combat update that was planned, 00.00.01. While part of the team was working on cleanup to be able to have a successful push, the rest of the team continued our regular development at the same time.


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