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HeroEngine Updates

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Celebrate our 5th Anniversary with HeroEngine Source!he source stickynote02


Idea Fabrik is celebrating our 5th anniversary of the release of HeroCloud, our real-time online collaborative Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) and Virtual World development platform, by announcing a special source code sale expanding the reach of our unique development platform to teams who want control over every aspect of their development process. For thirty (30) days (March 20th and ends April 20th), Idea Fabrik is offering a license to the HeroEngine Source Code for a one-time only reduced license fee of $25,000.[1] A massive 66% savings off the usual licensing price!


Lock in this special sale price for 90 days for only $500!

With your purchase, you may deploy the paradigm shattering development model of HeroEngine on your own terms! Develop any type of game or environment, Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) experiences and Virtual Worlds. Get the speed and agile development methodologies used to make modern single player games and target the more difficult realm of developing Massive Multiplayer Online games and applications with ease. HeroEngine offers your team a one of a kind real-time collaborative development environment, on your own terms. Additionally we have negotiated special licensing terms for middleware utilized by HeroEngine to reduce your development and operations costs. We are also offering a onetime reduced price on additional support and ongoing maintenance updates.[2]


For inquiries regarding the HeroEngine source sale, contact us Emai Us Now HERE

HeroEngine Source Benefits:

  • Collaborate with your team in real time; all modifications and changes occur instantly
  • Deploy HeroEngine on a cloud or traditional hosted infrastructure
  • Fully customizable- Limited only by your imagination
  • Integrated middleware with ability to augment the engine with any other technology
  • Server and networking architecture included

Get Your License Today!


  [1] Terms and Conditions Apply. Limited availability, region restrictions apply. [2] Support and maintenance packages not included, special discounts apply only during this sale.