HeroEngine Updates

HeroEngine Updates

You may have seen the demo, and with the communities help and hard work from the HE team, our new site is live! Our core focus was to bring more functionality to improve upon it’s predecessor while keeping it’s modern, professional look. We already have an exciting list of upgraded features with lots of new ones on the way:

 new site

New features:

  • Easier navigation
  • Easy to view pricing
  • New FAQ's section
  • New Full Search features
  • Hero Engine Roadmap
  • New News and Update section
  • New and updated subscription plans
  • Easier Upgrade methods
  • New Games section
  • New Messaging system

New features on the way:

  • Updated forum
  • Updated Wiki (can view the very basic now)
  • New Community Hero Market
  • Easy to view subscription status
  • Auto renew and reminders
  • New payment methods

 As development continues to progress on the engine upgrades, we will be working on the site as well. We plan to give everyone a fun, fulfilling and well rounded experience when creating their games. The site is new, so if you see any problems or have some sugestions please feel free to let us know! Stay tuned for some more updates real soon! And make sure you keep checking in on the roadmap!