HeroEngine Updates

HeroEngine Updates


Roadmap Progress!   

    We have a small update and some exciting news!  As many know development of D3D11 has been underway and we have begun the first steps of alpha testing. This can take some time as we at Idea Fabrik want to make sure that we have covered all major aspects that our developers need. With the help of the wonderful community we have been able to progress quite far and are excited about the future of HeroEngine and the wonderful games our great Indies are making. 

    Make sure you keep an eye on the Milestone progress. It may seem slow, but we are all working hard. A special thanks goes out to our great engineers and the members of the community that have helped. View the Roadmap here!


Visions of Zosimos

VoZ Logo

  One such example of a great and unique game being developed on HeroEngine is Visions of Zosimos. They are currently in beta and are accepting new players. You can check out more about their game here:   http://visionsofzosimos.net

     This past week, they attended and sponsored their second GenCon in Indianapolis, Indiana. A recap of the tournaments and sponsors you can visit here: http://ebash.com/ebash-gencon/


New Tutorial Videos

   And something that many have been asking for: We have a new World Building Tutorial created by one of our very own community members, Patrick McGuire aka MCINDUS.  This video is the first of a series that he will be providing the community over the next several months.

If you would like to share something with the community or have an idea or a question for the next video tutorial, please let us know!