HeroEngine FAQ's

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Hero support faq's


How do I manage my account or add new developers to my group?

HeroEngine provides a web based system that allows you to manage all aspects of your account. It provides you the ability to add new accounts, existing HE accounts as well as disabling or removing accounts that are no longer needed. You can also use the base permission system we provide as well for account and access levels. For more advanced users, this is also customization in engine to fit your teams and projects needs.

All active user accounts have access to our Account Management System (AMS) which is located at account.heroengine.com

For more information about HeroEngine's AMS

I am unable to pay my next subscription, do you delete my data/world?

We realize sometimes things happen in life and you might not be able to renew right away, or you just want to take a break. All accounts are kept on our system and are not removed from our system if you do not renew your subscription. We keep all worlds for up to 36 months, so you can return any time.

Do you renew my subscription automaticly?

Legacy accounts, we do not at this time. We believe that it should be up to each person when and if they want to renew.

As of any accounts from 2018 up we do auto renew. However, you have the ability and are free to cancle that renewal though the paypal subscription optoin. That will update our records and we will not renew your account.

If you cancle your renewal, your world will remain for up to two years if yuo wish to renew again within that time.

Can I add just one more seat to my subscription?

Yes you can. This works like an upgrade where you only pay the difference for the extra seat based on the tier you are currently on. Example: You have a 2 seat license (Starter)  and want to add one more, the difference will cost you only $49.99.

Can I upgrade my account?

Yes you can. You can upgrade any time you like. If you would like to upgrade, you pay the difference between your current tier and the next level tier. You do not pay the full amount, we take into account what you had paid for your current subscription. Your next billing will reflect the new subscription tier you are on automatically.