HeroEngine FAQ's

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Hero support faq's

Publishing and Monetization

How much do my servers cost?

Servers and hosting are provided with your subscription.

    When you are ready to go live with your game (Alpha, beta or release) we pay for all the base operating costs, but beyond the initial testing and launch window for your game if you wish to grow your game or keep your game at a distribution level beyond what our share of the revenue can cover, then you would either need to scale your game back, or cover the costs yourself. Basically, if you want to have 1 million players, but not charge them any money, then you will have to cover those costs, or work with us to figure out how to generate revenue from your player base.

When can I publish my game?

The game you are developing is yours. Therefore you select when it is ready for release. We do have some stipulations on basic game content, however even that we work with you. It is your game, and ultimately it is your choice to decide when you are ready to go live!

Do I have to pay for my own servers for Pre-Alpha or Alpha testing?

No you do not. This has always been part of our business model. When you have a vertical slice and are ready for small scale testing, we work with you to get set up in both limited number of added tester seats as well as begin preparations for your next phase of development and testing moving into closed bet. When you are ready for a public best or early access, we will also work with you to get set up without having to cost you anything additional.