HeroEngine FAQ's

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Hero support faq's


Can I have a game Lobby for my game instead of a traditional MMO world?

Yes you can. HeroEngine includes a basic Lobby system that allows you to use and modify it as you wish. As with all of our prebuilt systems, you can customize it or build your own to fit your game or applications need.

Information about HeroEngine's Lobby System

Does HeroEngine support instancing or instanced areas?

Yes, HeroEngine does support instancing and instanced areas. This can be done easily though our Area Instance and Travel system.

Information on basic Instances and instance types.

Does HeroEngine support large open seamless worlds?

Yes HeroEngine does. Our Seamless 2 technology allows you to create seamless open world environments. With HeroEngine there is no world size limits. Instead of how other engines handle open worlds, we limit area (zone/levels/chunks) size instead with upto 1200 square meters. Your game design and scope will termin the restrictions for area size. Most MMO's area size range between 250 to 512 square.

More information about HeroEngine's Seamless 2.0

What scripting or programming language does HeroEngine use?

HeroEngine is built on C++ and C# depending on if it is client or server side. HeroScript Language (HSL) is built ontop of these to bridge the gap between the two so you do not have to learn multiple languages and use multiple to communicate between client and server.

View more information about HSL here.

What formats does Hero support for models and textures?

Standard formats for Hero Granny Models (HGM) format has a few guidelines to follow as most engines do for their format. Using the 3DS Max or Maya plugins do most of the work for you. All models must be exported as HGM's. Model textures must be DDS, and for GUI you can use DDS or PNG.

Information about the Hero Export Guide

Information about Hero Textures and DDS format


How do I bring my models into HeroEngine?

We provide you with plugins pre-built for both 3ds Max and Maya. You just install using our install tool or set them up manually in your application, then export with a few simple clicks, then simply upload them to your repository. They will be available in the engine for anyone to use right away.

Information on 3ds Max and Maya plugins and manual installation: 3Ds Max Setup or Maya Setup

Information about our Repository Browser

What modeling programmes are required?

At this time we only support Maya and Max for our export tools. FBX is not currently supported at this time, but will change over the next year. Please note that Maya LT is not supported due to Autodesk not allowing 3rd party binary plugins for use in Maya LT. Click here for more information.

Are there sample assets in the engine that I can use?

Yes, there are sample assets from Hero's Journey in all builds that you can use for prototyping and white boxing. We include several of the following categories:

  • Dynamic Female Character
  • Basic hair and style sets
  • Basic armour sets
  • Basic Weapon
  • Rock set
  • Basic architecture set
  • Trees (Speed Trees)
  • Terrain Dynamic Detail (grass and plants)
  • Terrain Dynamic Mesh Detail (Meshes)
  • Basic terrain tiling textures
  • Miscellaneous assets
  • White Box set (Box, tube, cone, arch, etc)